Getting started with TinyQueries for Bluemix™

Last updated: 7 March 2016

TinyQueries is a SQL query generator service which can be connected to any SQL database running on Bluemix™. TinyQueries can be used to create fast running SQL queries easily, which can be published as a REST api. It can be regarded as an efficient and lightweight alternative for Object Relation Mapping. TinyQueries can be used by developers and data-analysts.

Learn about TinyQueries at the TinyQueries For Developers section or check out the Sandbox application.

TinyQueries IDE

You can launch TinyQueries IDE from the service launch page on the Bluemix dashboard.

Bluemix example application - a REST api

A TinyQueries example application for Bluemix™ is available on GitHub. Instructions for installation can be found in

After you have installed the application it is binded to the TinyQueries IDE. The purpose of this binding is to let the IDE publish compiled queries to the application. After the queries are published they can be invoked as a REST api. So basically you create a REST api based on the queries you create in the IDE. If you open the site some examples are shown and it is shown how you can change the REST api.

Another example: Chinook database

Another example is already pre-installed when you get a TinyQueries account. Just click on the selectbox 'my-project' which is at the left top of the screen in the TinyQueries IDE. The example shows the model and some queries for the Chinook database, an open-source database which contains data about music and artists.

Build a project from scratch

To build a project from scratch, you can use either one of these installer applications:

Instructions for installation can be found in After you have completed the setup the application should already be binded to TinyQueries IDE.

Scenarios for integrating with Bluemix

TinyQueries can be used to create an API for your database. Currently we support DB2, MySQL and PostgreSQL databases. In Bluemix this corresponds to the cloud services IBM DB2 on Cloud for DB2, ClearDB for MySQL and ElephantSQL for Postgres.

Currently we only support PHP as runtime, but we are working on a solution in which you can use TinyQueries without runtime.

A typical setup would be as follows:

The API which is created can be connected to IBM API Management to manage and enforce policies around the consumption of their business services. Then you would get a setup as shown below:

Further reading

All technical documentation of TinyQueries can be found at the For Developers section.