TinyQueries Compiler

The TinyQueries Compiler transforms TQL (Tiny Query Language) into SQL. It's an online service for which you need an API-key. In the get started section you can read how to configure the compiler and set up the query editor (IDE). In this section we will explain how you can use the query editor to create, compile and test queries.

Start screen

When you open the IDE you should see the following screen. Check the field 'Database connection'. It should say 'Connected'. Queries you create with the IDE will be stored in the queries-folder you can see at 'Output folder'.

Edit a query

Let's continue with the Hello World example. In the get started section you learned how to create your first query. Once you have compiled the query you get extra tabs 'Run', 'Doc' and 'SQL'.

Run a query

You can run a query and check the output by clicking the Run tab. If the query has parameters you can fill in values for the parameters. Click the blue Run button to execute the query.

View Query Documentation

You can view documentation for each query by clicking the 'Doc' tab.

View SQL code

You can view the SQL code which is generated by the compiler by clicking the 'SQL' tab.